Ultra Force Development - a software solution provider

The Company

Ultra Force Development is a small company which is specialized in designing and implementing software solutions. During its existence (see history) Ultra Force Development has developed a wide variety of solutions using all kinds of development tools and environments (see experience).

Development Process for Applications

First Ultra Force Development makes an assessment together with the client of the needs and requirements. After this a pilot application is developed, which will contain a part of the final application. This pilot is used to see if it matches the requirements and wishes of the client. If needed the pilot is adjusted till the client and Ultra Force Development are both satisfied with its user interface and functionality.

The pilot is then used to develop the whole application; during the development milestones might be set to make sure the application still matches the wishes and ideas of the client.

Development Process for Games

With games Ultra Force Development focuses mainly on the implementation of the game. During the design phase Ultra Force Development can provide information on the possibilities and limitations of the target system. Next to the game design, the client has also to provide all the assets. Ultra Force Development can assist with format conversions and other adjustments to the assets.

During development of the game, Ultra Force Development will define parameters which influence the game and gameplay in a certain manner. The parameters can be changed by the client, allowing the client to 'tweak' the game.

Design Philosophies

Ultra Force Development is a firm supporter of Keep It Simple (Stupid) and Don't Repeat Yourself, also known as K.I.S.S. and D.R.Y. The main focus during implementation lies at the manageability of the code. This is achieved by documenting the code extensively, trying to keep the code as simple as possible and creating clear code by minimizing the use of tricks and shortcuts.

With this solutions are easy to manage and are easy to update. It also improves the reusability of the implementation for other new projects.

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